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Athletic Management Programs/


 Martial Art Masters Management Certificate

Upon the initiation of a group of TAEKWONDO instructors headed by Master Bahmanyar Roudgarnia, a practical, abridged course is now being held on line for TaeKwonDo black belts and coaches to help them succeed in their  professional career and personal life. Upon successful completion of this course, students gain a Martial Arts Management Certificate.International_Taekwon-Do_Fed_logo-233x300

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 Athletic Management Workshop

Basic Entrepreneurial Skills /

One-day Modules prepared in digital form:

1. Administrative Support
3. Appreciative Inquiry
4. Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
8. Budgets And Financial Reports
9. Business Acumen
11. Business Etiquette
14. Call Center Training
15. Change Management
16. Civility In The Workplace
18. Communication Strategies
20. Creating a Great Webinar
21. Creative Problem Solving
23. Customer Service
24. Delivering Constructive Criticism
25. Developing a Lunch and Learn
26. Developing Creativity
27. Digital Citizenship
28. Emotional Intelligence
29. Employee Motivation
30. Employee Onboarding
31. Employee RecruitmentManagment-Analyst-jpg_105836
33. Executive and Personal Assistants
34. Facilitation Skills
35. Generation Gaps
37. Health and Wellness a t Work
38. Hiring Strategies
39. Human Resource Management
40. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
41. Interpersonal Skills
42. Job Search Skills
43. Knowledge Management
47. Managing Workplace Anxiety
49. Measuring Results From Training
50. Media And Public Relations
52. Middle Manager
53. Millennial On-boarding
55. Office Politics For Managers
58. Performance Management
59. Personal Branding
60. Personal Productivity
66. Safety In The Workplace
68. Social Intelligence
69. Social Learning
70. Social Media In The Workplace
71. Stress Management
72. Supervising Others
73. Supply Chain Management
74. Talent Managementtyuer
75. Teamwork And Team Building
76. Telework And Telecommuting
78. Trade Show Staff Training
80. Virtual Team Building And Management
81. Work-Life Balance
82. Workplace Diversitydv168088d-jpg_100925


On-Line Courses

Paralegal Preparation Course /

Financial and Trading Courses /

1. Mutual Funds Crash Course

2. Fundamentals of Online Trading

3. FOREX Basix

4. Advanced Concepts in Online Trading


  • Margins,
  • Options,
  • Derivatives,
  • Short Sale and Currencies selections,
  • Mutual Fund and ETF. trading.


Advanced Management Workshops /

Third-party Academic Workshops to become available on line in near future:

  1. Advanced Account Management and High Yield Selling
  2. Agile Applied for Better Project Results
  3. Authorizing Manager Appreciation Day Workshop
  4. Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity (B.O.L.D.)
  5. Building a Successful Business Case
  6. Building Teamwork Across Cultures, Diversities & Geographies
  7. Business Acumen for OD Professionals
  8. Business Analysis Leadership and Execution
  9. Business Analyst’s Course, The
  10. Business Process Improvement, Modelling and Management
  11. Business-Driven Strategic Technology Planning
  12. Capstone Course for Senior Managers, The
  13. Certificate in Business Skills for Managers
  14. Certificate in Clinical Leadership
  15. Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers and Directors
  16. Certificate in Essentials of Modelling and Problem Solving
  17. Certificate in Management Skills for Supervisors
  18. Certificate in Requirements Management
  19. Certificate in Strategic Enterprise Analysis and Consulting Skills
  20. Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation: Managing the New Organization for Growth
  21. Channel Engagement Strategies for Business Growth
  22. Collaborative Capitalism Roundtable Conversations
  23. Communicating the Solution
  24. Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  25. Crisis Management: Leadership Simulation & Action Planning
  26. Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem Solving Skills for Leaders
  27. Designing Complex Business Processes – A Strategy Driven Approach
  28. Developing a Strategic Mindset
  29. Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing and Sales Plans
  30. E-Marketing: Strategies for Success
  31. Eliciting User Requirements
  32. Employee Engagement and Strategic Leadership: The Manager’s Course
  33. Executive Program in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change
  34. Executive Program in Sales Management
  35. Executive Program in Strategic Agility
  36. Executive Update 2014: Integrating Today’s Top Management Competencies
  37. Extraordinary Administrative Support
  38. Facilitative Leadership
  39. Financial & Managerial Accounting for Non-Financial Managers: Beyond the Basics
  40. High Impact Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, Emails and Writing for the Web
  41. Improving Organizational Performance and Productivity
  42. Improving Presentation Effectiveness
  43. Increasing Sales by Measuring Your Customers’ Buying Experience
  44. Key Account Management and Client Development
  45. Leadership in Challenging Times
  46. Leadership Through Teambuilding
  47. Leading With Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  48. Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations
  49. Leveraging Your Leadership
  50. Logistics Advantage, The
  51. Management 1: The New Managers Course
  52. Management 2: The Advanced Managers Course
  53. Management Skills for More Productive Work Relationships
  54. Managing Change, Conflict and Employee Communications: The Management Course
  55. Managing in a Unionized Work Environment
  56. Managing Inter-Departmental Conflict for Enhanced Performance
  57. Managing Multiple Projects
  58. Managing Organization Change
  59. Managing the Performance of Your Staff
  60. Managing Your Sales Team For Improved Results
  61. Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development
  62. Masters Certificate in Business Analysis (Fast Track)
  63. Masters Certificate in Business Analysis (Flexible)
  64. Masters Certificate in Business Leadership for Human Resource Professionals
  65. Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management
  66. Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt
  67. Masters Certificate in Marketing Communications Leadership
  68. Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership
  69. Masters Certificate in Organization Development
  70. Masters Certificate in Project Management (Calgary, Edmonton)
  71. Masters Certificate in Project Management (Toronto)
  72. Masters Certificate in Public Management
  73. Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance
  74. Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership
  75. Masters Certificate in Security, Resilience and Intelligence
  76. Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  77. Measuring Marketing ROI: Making Highly Profitable Marketing Decisions
  78. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: Planning and Executing Your M&A Strategies
  79. Modelling the Business Problem and Solution
  80. Multicultural Marketing
  81. New Product Development: The Complete Approach
  82. Performance Measurement in Government: Managing Results in Modern Public Service
  83. Planning, Validating and Managing User Requirements
  84. PMP Exam Preparation Course: Project Management Professional, The
  85. PRINCE2: Foundation Certificate
  86. PRINCE2: Practitioner Certificate
  87. PRINCE2: Project Management Certification
  88. Professional Certificate in Business Administration
  89. Project Management Course – Using Microsoft Project Workshop
  90. Project Management Course for Health and Social Services, The
  91. Project Management Course, The
  92. Risk Management 1: Foundations Certificate
  93. Risk Management 2: Risk Implementation Certificate
  94. Risk Management 3: Advanced Risk Practices Certificate
  95. Mini-MBA: Essentials of Management
  96. SEEC Supply Chain Forum on Best Practices
  97. Six Sigma Green Belt for Service Organizations
  98. Strategic Brand Management & Product Marketing
  99. Strategic Management
  100. Strategic Marketing Skills for Managers
  101. Strategic Planning Using The Balanced Scorecard
  102. Strategic Public Sector Management
  103. Successful Business Negotiating Strategies for Managers
  104. Successfully Coaching and Mentoring Individuals and Teams
  105. Successfully Managing People
  106. Successfully Managing Your Distribution Inventory
  107. Succession Management for Sustained Business Continuity
  108. Supply Chain Leadership Forum: Canadian Links in the Global Chain
  109. Team Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  110. What Must Retail Marketers Do Differently in 2014?
  111. What The Non-Financial Manager Needs To Know About Financial and Managerial Accounting
  112. Winning Collaboration


Small Business Management Workshop /

management       Accounting (18 Percent) o   Financial Accounting

  •  Conceptual foundations
  • Income statement and statement of retained earnings
  • Balance sheet
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Accounting cycle
  • Depreciation

o   Managerial Accounting

  •  Cost concepts
  • Cost, volume and profit analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Non-routine decision making
  • Costing systems
  • Product
  • Standard
  • Activities based

Management (20 Percent) o   Management Process

  •  History and theory
  • Functions (organizational structure, planning, controlling)
  • Group/team dynamics and managing diversity

o   Organizational Behaviour

  •  Leadership and motivation
  • Communication
  • Group/team dynamics

o   Strategy and Policy

  •  Strategic analysis
  • Policy determination

o   Other Management Course Content

  •  International management
  • Entrepreneurship

Finance (10 Percent)

  • Time Value of Money
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Price/earnings and Dividend Models
  • Risk, Return and Diversification
  • Sources of Financing for Firms
  • Cost of Capital and Capital Structure

Marketing (15 Percent) o   Marketing Processes

  •  Strategic marketing
  • The 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion, Place)
  • Marketing environment
  • Marketing research and information systems
  • Consumer and industrial behavior
  • Global marketing

o   Marketing Institutions

  •  Consumer markets/market segmentation
  • Industrial markets
  • Service and non-profit markets
  • Social issues

Economics (15 Percent) o   Macroeconomics

  •  National accounts and income determination
  • Monetary and fiscal policy
  • Federal Reserve System
  • Employment, inflation and growth
  • International economics
  • Balance of payments and trade
  • Comparative advantage
  • Exchange rates

o   Microeconomics

  •  Market structure
  • Price theory
  • Supply and demand

Quantitative Business Analysis and Information Systems (10 Percent) o   Quantitative Business Analysis

  •  Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • mean
  • median
  • mode
  • standard deviation
  • Distributions (including normal and binomial)
  • Sampling and estimation
  • Correlation and regression

o   Information Systems

  •  Technology (hardware and software)
  • System analysis and design
  • Management of information systems and technology

Legal, Ethical and Social Environment (12 Percent) o   Legal Environment and Contracts

  •  Courts and legal systems
  • Constitution and business
  • Administrative law
  • Contracts, employer, employee commitments

o   Regulatory Environment

  •  Employee and labour law
  • Antitrust law
  • Consumer protection
  • Tort law
  • Environmental and international law

o   Ethics and Social Responsibility

  •  Ethics
  • Social responsibility

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