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Business law

Conflict happens...

 This area includes laws and regulations that are created in the context of business and economic activities, and entrepreneurs and business owners need to comply from the start.


Banking & investment law

Banks can get confused, too.

Banking matters and the rules of contracts and investments, such as lending,  the applying of loans, managing payments and warranties.


Maritime law

Most of the transportation happens on oceans


Some cases, such as maritime contracts and caretaker liability, types of ship lease and maritime mortgages, Marine Collision, Rescue, Shipbuilding, Marine Reconnaissance and … are in this area of law.


Foreign investment law

It gets a bit complicated

Countries usually make easy and encouraging rules to attract foreign investors. Awareness of this fact, can lead to more profits, tax breaks, and the development of investment. Lowering the level of risk in a foreign country is another reason for the use of knowledgeable legal advisers.


Company & corporation law

Establish your brand overseas

This area includes the international aspect of the following titles:
Contracts, Investments, Transfer of Technology and Technical Knowledge, Affiliates, Patents, Certificates, brand, workforce …


International commercial contracts


Contracts should be fine-tuned

These types of contracts are in various aspects involved in international trade law, the neglect of which could cause losses in financial and legal disputes.


Private international law

Interact with other nationalities

The association of individuals with their rights and duties in the international arena is related to this area. The conflict of laws and courts, the determination of the rule of law and other issues related to the external agents are also related to this discipline.


Energy law

Energy is also imported and exported

Exploitation, use, sale, transfer, development, and any activity in the field of energy types are under the rules of energy and getting familiar with them requires expertise in this field.



Let's sit down and talk

A way to resolve international commercial and non-commercial disputes in which the parties have their own differences referred to their trusted referee instead of judiciary referral. More speed to achieve more results and confidence in terms of The arbitrariness of the referees has been a source of concern for individuals and traders.


Bankruptcy law

It is not the end of the world

The rights and duties of the bankrupt (legal and personal) and creditors, the process of payment of debts, the sale of property and assets and settlement matters are governed by bankruptcy rules.


Litigation & contracts law

Courts and tribunals are there for you

Concluding a contract and reaching an agreement requires negotiations as well  as studies at an early stage, to preserve The rights of the parties while preventing future disputes and losses, so the presence of experienced lawyers and advisers can lead to a richer legal contract and prevent possible legal vacuum.


Oil & gas law

They are regulated before they gush out

Laws and rules on oil and gas include issues such as ownership, investment, exploration, development, extraction, Exploitation, export and transportation. The high amounts of investment and contracts, the presence of multinational corporations, the technical and legal complexities of this industry and potential risks clearly require careful consultations and mastery of these types of contracts.


Transport law

Incoterms are only a small part of it

Transportation of goods is an important part of the contracts and business exchanges that have a variety of methods It including rail, road, sea, air and mixture. Transport rights in domestic and international section include issues such as the responsibility of carriers, the rights and obligations of the sender and the recipient, the lease and Providing transportation vehicles, insurance, cargo ownership documents, payments…


Insurance law

The most controversial of all legal matters

Due to the risks in business and other activities, individuals make insurance contracts according to which, if necessary, compensation to be made. Settlement of contracts, how to compensate, Proof of liability of the insurer and possible contingencies and other issues related to this regard are included in this category.


Custom law

Clearing goods is sometimes a headache

Rules and regulations related to export and import, and customs procedures such as tariffs. Those are cases that constitute customs duties and any differences in this regard is governed by their specific rules to be solved.


Electronic commercial law

On-line transactions sometimes go wrong

The conclusion of the contract and its accuracy through electronic and Internet are subject to the relevant rules in this area.


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