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Canadian Refugee Board Issues

That was your last option, wasn't it?

 There might be a way to establish your refugee status, legal logomapleeven if you were refused or are already issued a removal order…



Mediation / Arbitration

Our services usually start with MEDIATION


Arbitration is a skill; highest techniques of negotiation.
Trust me, it is much less costly than going to court.








Sue ? or get sued ?

I am still there for clients when Gavel 600 x 375 v2mediation fails and the only step remaining to take is a legal action,
LITIGATION; Claim, defense, motion,…
At Small Claims Courts, I can claim for your losses up to $35,000


Employer / Employee Issues

Wrongfully Dismissed?


Were you “Wrongfully Dismissed” ?
Are you sure you are an employer in full compliance?
Let me take a look into your case… at no cost


Landlord/Tenant Issues

Do you know your rights and duties?

> Are you a tenant facing a possible eviction order ?landlordtenantbw
> Is your tenant giving you a hard time ?
I might be able to help you out….



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