About Us

FISTPTSD Organization has been registered in a few countries to promote Pro Tang Soo Do.

PTSD utilizes a series of physical and mental trainings practised in TangSooDo, Taekwondo and Boxing.

Belt Ranks and Dan requirements are identical with Tang Soo Do. Free sparring takes place in the ring. Boxing mittens are mandatory, no elbow, while knee and shin strikes are allowed though. Hind side of head, neck and lower back and legs are also “No” zones.

PTSD Organization mandate includes :

1- Training:

  1. Training martial artists at all ages from elementary to advanced ranks , Holding promotion examinations, demonstration, holding workshops on coaching and refereeing,
  2. Holding, sponsoring and facilitating international tournaments,
  3. Holding training workshops on street fight and self-defence for individuals as well as professionals such as body-guards, security, police and special-task forces,

2- Academic improvement:

This organization was among the first Martial Arts organizations to hold workshops on athletic nutrition and entrepreneurial management as a requirement for higher Dan promotions,

3- Charity Services:

PTSD has been involved in fundraising activities for certain charity organizations and cancer support groups

4- Business:

Production and sale of athletic and other items is also included in the mandate of this organization

Soon to come:

A new webpage with membership application and other facilities…